Wednesday 18 December 2013

Singing for Sainsbury’s 17 December 2013

The coldest day this week. Yet neither as cold as we’ve known it nor as cold as they’d promised. Yet drafty enough as the outside doors swished open and shut as the shoppers came and went. Voices warmed up quickly enough, though, and we looked a little like traditional carol-singers, all muffled up in outdoor coats, scarves and hats. With a preponderance of purple, of course.
As we gathered surprisingly there seemed to be more basses than anything else. The truth was that most of the altos and sopranos – oh and one male tenor – were shopping. Quite handy really.
“I’m going to pick up my crackers during the break,” said one of the altos. And so she did.
“It sounds good here, doesn’t it?” said one of the tenors. “It’s a good space to sing in.”
The visitors to the shop seemed to think so too. Almost everyone who passed by dropped a few coins into the collecting tin for the Sainsbury’s Appeal. It became so full that one of the basses had to lend his hat for the overflow. As our treasurer returned it to the management she was in serious danger of spraining her wrist.
Our offerings included Holly Jolly Christmas, Going to Bethlehem, Carol of the Bells, Deep River, The Way We Were, Nellie the Elephant, Love is the Sweetest Thing, Wonderful World, Kiss the Girl, Soul Wind and Joshua.
What are weeks without singing on Tuesday evenings? Thank you Sainsbury’s for allowing us to do that at your Salford store. Well we have two weeks off so we won’t be singing together again until 2014. The time will go quickly, no doubt. Well, that’s what we hope.
“It’s been a good year,” said Jeff as we got ready to leave. We all tended to agree. “And there’s lots already planned for next year.” Bring it on.
A few of us made our way to the King’s Arms afterwards. It was good to have a drink and a chat together to round off the year.   
All the very best to everyone for 2014.

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