Monday 9 December 2013

Light up a Life, St Ann’s Hospice, Little Hulton

This moving little service began just before sunset. And so did the rain. This is the second year we’ve provided some of the music for this event and last year we were freezing. This year we had to watch the guests almost get soaked, whilst we enjoyed the protection of an open-sided marquee.

Yet they didn’t seem to suffer. There was much sharing of umbrellas and relighting of candles. The highlight of the Light Up a Life Service is when each attendee lights their candle and thinks of someone who will not be with them at Christmas. The Christmas tree is lit then as well. Somehow the struggle to keep the candles alight and the people’s determination to join in whole-heartedly made it all the more poignant. And actually, though, because everyone was working together it didn’t actually seem to be a struggle.
We were asked to sing whilst the candles were being lit. Goodnight, My Someone was exactly the right length and the right tone. We’ve added this recently and quickly to our repertoire and this was its first outing in public.
We made our way to the little marquee about half an hour before the service began. This gave us an opportunity to warm up and then we took it in turns with the band performing as the guests arrived.
The band also provided the music for the communal Christmas carols, and we hope our singing of them encouraged the guests. 
A very pleasant way of spending a Sunday tea-time and for many of us the start of Christmas.
St Ann’s, we wish you well with all of your ventures for the remainder of this year and for 2014.                 

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