Thursday 11 May 2017

Newsletter 11 May 2017

Newsletter 8  May 2018   

Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose singing communicates with all? 

“You need to watch yourselves singing in the mirror,” says Jeff. In my study, which is where I tend to practice in between rehearsals, I can see the exact spot where I could put a mirror. At some point I’ll get that organised.
However, I have a useful alternative that works better in the winter than now when the days are getting longer; I never pull down the blind in my study except occasionally when “sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines” (our mate Bill just gives and gives, doesn’t he?). This means once it’s dark I have a perfect mirror – the window. There is a snag, however. The folk in the house that backs on to ours also have a couple of studies upstairs and they never close the blinds, either. In fact, I’ve been waved to now and then. I can hear them thinking “What is she doing?” Maybe one day they’ll pop round and I’ll tell them.
I’ll tell them that singing is good for the body and for the soul. For me personally, singing, and in particular singing with a choir is such a contrast to what I do the rest of the time, working pretty much on my own and having to be different from everybody else. Singing in a choir involves a group effort where you do not want to stand out.  
If the neighbours do pop round, I’ll also invite them to one of our concerts and to sign up for this newsletter.
So, maybe, even when the mirror is in place, I’ll carry on signing to the garden occasionally.             

Forthcoming Events

You can also often find details on our Facebook page and we’ll usually put links on Twitter as well.
At most of our events you can get tickets on the door. However, we do recommend getting tickets in advance where we offer this. It helps us and it guarantees that you won’t be turned away at the door. We’ve not had to do that yet but we’ve come close to it.    

24 June St Thomas Church Huddersfield

We’re performing for Hand to Mouth, a Christian charity, at St Thomas Church, Huddersfield, St Thomas Gardens, Bradley, Huddersfield HD2 1SL. £5 for adults £2 for children,  including refreshments.

The concert begins at 7.00 – and features cake as well.

Swinton Grove Family Fun Day 8 July

As we have done for the last few years, we’ll be opening this event at around 12.00 noon. It’s always a fun event and even though we squelched around in the mud a little last year, it stopped raining just in time.    


Victoria Baths 9 July and 10 September

We’ll be singing at about 1.00 p.m. and 2.15 on both occasions, though watch out for updates on this newsletter. If you’ve not been before the Victoria Baths are well worth a visit. 
We now are singing there regularly a couple of times a year. You can read about our previous visits here.     

Buxton Fringe 15 July 2017 


We’ll be singing at our usual two venues:
Book your tickets at If this link doesn’t work copy and paste it.
Tickets: £5.00 full price, £3.00 concessions, children under five free, family ticket £12.00 (up to four people, one of whom must be a concession)       
Also with cake. Naturally.
I’d like to add here that we had a great time last month when we performed at St Mary’s as part of their centenary celebrations. You can read a full report here.   

Ordsall Festival 22 July

This takes place in Ordsall Park Salford. We’ll be performing at home, in effect. It’s always good to remind ourselves of where we come from. We’re not sure of exact timings yet but it will be sometime in the afternoon.  

Looking further ahead

We’re already looking to the autumn and winter. Dates will no doubt soon fill up.

Happy singing and listening everyone.