Saturday 1 February 2014

New Year, new plans: A month of rehearsals, January 2014

It may still be winter but we don’t feel the cold. In fact, we’ve had to open the windows and sometimes the door at every rehearsal this month. There are quite a lot of us still, so that partly explains it. Also, singing makes you feel warm – in both senses of the word. Breathing and standing properly are gentle forms of exercise. Using your voice in this way gives you a feeling of wellbeing. I personally try not to miss a rehearsal. So what if I have a lot of scripts to mark? I’ll manage them better if I’ve spent a couple of hours with this choir.  

Future plans 

On our first week back after the Christmas break we held a committee meeting. Already the diary is filling up. We have a couple of private functions, on two consecutive days – isn’t it always the way – a weekend away, two visits to the Victoria Baths, Swinton Grove, and Buxton. We’re on the lookout for other concert opportunities and plan to do something at Christmas this year. Christmas music was low key in 2013. We’ll be making up for it in 2014.
What about competitions? The MACC 2015?
“I’ll only take one choir,” says Jeff. “Otherwise it’s awkward.” Can that be us then this time? There are lots of other competitions but we rather like this one. The sign-up sheet is already out and filling nicely.

Pushing the pace 

It’s good to be back. Jeff is pushing us, but it’s good to be pushed.
“You can read music now,” he says. Well, I always knew the theory and since we’re looking at it a lot it’s becoming more familiar. Now, though, we need to do this in a more conscious way. Work it out a little more.
“And learn the words,” says Jeff.
Yes, in one or two of our songs the words can be tricky.  
The pace has quickened. We’re learning new songs, perfecting those that are nearly there, and tightening the familiar. All more quickly than before. We’re pursuing a better sound – am I allowed to say even better?  - and Jeff pushes us here, too.
Exciting times!   

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