Wednesday 8 March 2017

Newsletter 8 March 2017

Dear all,
What a month it’s been. Last time I was telling you that we would be going to the MACC,  on 26 February with an extra concert the night before and then about the Salford Vocal and Choral Festival on 4 March. Now those have been and gone and we’re pleased with what we achieved.
The MACC judges assured us that we sang better than they’d ever heard us do before.  Is this perhaps as it should be really, if we’re continuing to make progress? Ah, our MD is working us hard – and it pays off.     
And, er, we won the Salford Vocal and Choral Festival. 

Quotes from the judges: “Fantastic engagement with the audience”  “An excellent dynamic group. The harmonies were tight – well done.”
There were a lot of firsts around the two events and indeed the concert the evening before the MACC:
·         The first time we’ve performed without a conductor
·         The first time we’ve sang scattered instead of in voice parts (and it seems that this improved the harmonies)
·         The first time our small groups (the Ordsall Chord and the Ordsall Tone Rangers) performed in public. Incidentally they did well too at the Salford Festival with comments: “ Lovely blend of harmonies, the light and bouncy feel of the song was well conveyed ” “ a super programme, super interaction”.
Our concert on 25 February with two other choirs was also very rewarding. It was there that we tried out our new regime. It worked, so we risked it also at the two competitions. It seemed to work there too.
Of course, we also made friends with two new choirs. All three events were delightful as they brought us into contact with other people who love singing.   
You can read more on our blog about the MACC and the concert the day before here.      
You can read more about the Salford Vocal and Choral Festival here.

Forthcoming Events

You can also often find details on our Facebook page and we’ll usually put links on Twitter as well.
At most of our events you can get tickets on the door. However, we do recommend getting tickets in advance. It helps us and it guarantees that you won’t be turned away at the door. We’ve not had to do that yet but we’ve come close to it.    


Buxton St Mary’s 22 April Centenary Concert 3.00 p.m.

We have been invited to provide a concert for St Mary’s, with whom we have become great friends over the years that we’ve been going to the Fringe Festival at Buxton. They celebrate their centenary this year. Tickets will be the same price as for our main Buxton concerts:
£5.00 full price
£3.00 concessions (children, unwaged, senior citizens)
Family ticket £12.00 – up to four individuals in one party, where at least one person must be a concession
Children 5 and under free.
The church is arranging the ticketing for this and it should be available by the end of the month. It will be possible to pay on the door but only if there are seats remaining. Book your ticket here to guarantee a place. 


Buxton Fringe 15 July 2017

We’ll be singing at our usual two venues:
Book your tickets here.  Prices as above.

Victoria Baths 9 July and 10 September

We’ll be singing at about 1.00 p.m. and 2.15 on both occasions, though watch out for updates on this newsletter. If you’ve not been before the Victoria Baths are well worth a visit. 
We now are singing there regularly a couple of times a year. You can read about our previous visits here.     
Happy singing and listening everyone.


Saturday 4 March 2017

The MAPAS Choral and Vocal Festival 4 March 2017

Another weekend, another choral festival.

How could we not take part in this one? After all, it is run by the Salford Music and Performing Arts Service.  MAPAS. We are indeed the Ordsall A Cappella Singers and Ordsall is very much part of Salford. 
The venue was easy to find as was on street parking. The MAPAS banner outside helped. We were well looked after. And as the information from the organisers told us there was a “tuck shop” in operation. Note, this the first year they’ve had adults at the festival. Well, the coffee was very welcome in any case. 

A warm up space was provided for us, and though it was little tight, it worked. Jeff’s magic chewing gum really came into its own in this small space. Sorry, can’t say any more about that as it’s a trade secret though if any younger fans and followers are reading this and have worked with Jeff, you’ll know what I mean. Guys, it really worked for us grown-ups. Especially the bit about the ceiling. (Oops- hope the caretaker’s not reading this.) 

We were fortunate to be able to go into the auditorium and listen to the adjudication of the children’s section. Already we were impressed with the detail given and wished we could have got there to hear the youngsters. Still 9.00 a.m. may be a tad early for an adult who’s worked all week and might it have been a bit intimidating for the young people. One to think about for next time.  
We tried out for the first time our small ensembles – The Ordsall Chord and the Ordsall Tone Rangers.
“Great names, by the way,” said one judge. 

We heard some lovely sounds from the other choirs. We meant every clap of our enthusiastic applause. As the judges said, it was clear that every single participant loved what they were doing and gave as much as they could. We know all about that.

Every single group that performed was either highly commended or awarded honours. 

The atmosphere throughout was relaxed but the critique was at once encouraging and constructive. This festival has a particular ethos, a solid one and one that encourages all to enjoy making music. Read about the festival here.   
Indeed, we had very positive feedback from the judges as did our two smaller groups. They recognised the risks we took in not standing in our parts and not having a conductor. It seemed to pay off. Now we must concentrate on finishing phrases together especially where they end in consonant. Could we manage with just a root note intro and not all four notes?  They really appreciated our engagement with each other and our audience. Working on that for so long has also paid off. 

This was a lovely morning and sure, we’ll come again next year if you let us.  

Wait - what's that at the front?

By the way, we won!              
Look at our fabulous shield.