Sunday 26 July 2015

Fifth time at Buxton Fringe, 25 July 2015

You’ve done all the things you said you would. You’ve thought of everything that needs to be thought about. Or have you? What have you forgotten? Go through the checklist. No, all’s done. And some.
It’s inevitable that a few have to cancel at the last minute but we’ve still a balanced choir. Our MD is there and he’s had a good breakfast so is raring to go. We’ve had a short run through and it went well. It’s 10.40 and concert number one at the United Reformed Church begins at 11.00. All we need is an audience. We have built it. Will they come?

Saturday 4 July 2015

Sunshine and ice-creams: Swinton Grove Park Family Fun Day 4 July 2015

11.35 and folk begin to arrive. The grass steams gently as a warm sun clears the water left from last night’s storm. Already we’re seeking some shade. We’ve come here for several years now and we always associate it with sun. It’s such a happy event.
“Black is the new … black.” It’s our turn to sing. “Black with a touch of purple. The Ordsall  A Cappella Singers from Ordsall and beyond.”  Spot on. That is us indeed.
We’re a little reduced in numbers today and Jeff joins the basses and occasionally the tenors. Yet there are enough of us and we’re balanced. We just get on with it. We have the luxury of mics for the main event though they rather draw us into smaller groups. No matter: it works.
We sing a short set of songs that somehow go with the occasion: Viva la Musica, Smile, Here, There and Everywhere / Long Winding Road, Under the Boardwalk and Kiss the Girl. One gentleman has arrived late so we sing Soul Wind especially for him.
We’re treated to lunch. Many of us opt for the chicken leg and salad, which are very enjoyable. We’re made to feel very welcome.
Next it’s time for an ice-cream and another sing, this time on the mound below the trees, quite near to the bouncy castle. This time it’s I Got Rhythm, Joshua, Blue Skies and Viva la Musica again. It’s amazing how much an ice-cream can look like a hand-held mike …
The fun day is going well. We finish our stint and then we’re off duty. Several of us make our way over to the Elizabeth Gaskell House where we enjoy tea in real mugs and cake on real china plates. What value for money, too.  A whole pot of Earl Grey and a slice of lemon drizzle for just £2.00.
Where would we be without cake?
Don’t forget, there’ll be plenty of it and of our songs in Buxton 25 July! See you there?