Friday 18 December 2015

Christmas Mash-up

At Dunham Massey

That’s how they described us at Event City for the WinterWonderland . That is a good description. Winter Wonderland is a noisy affair and even the heavily miked main acts were difficult to hear unless you were close up. Yet, with, for once, a backing track and a bit of mime and dance, we were delighted to find some children following us avidly with one young lady making a bid for Jeff’s job: she conducted us beautifully. Maybe for this event we should have renamed ourselves the Dark Elves. The stage lighting and the “snowy” back ground did a good job in showing off our black uniforms with purple hats, purple tinsel and white fairy lights.  This isn’t quite out usual sort of thing, but you know what: it was fun and we discovered new talents. We can mime and dance too! 
It’s been a bit of “mash-up” few days.
8 December Carol service at St Clements Ordsall
11 December Event City
12 December Dunham Massey
13 December Light up a Life, St Ann’s Hospice 
14 December Event City.
We have another appearance at Event City on 20 December and a very special private event on 23 December.
So many gigs, so many contrasts.

“Do enjoy the music,” says Reverend Sandra Kearney of St Clements. “They’re semi-professional.” Wow! Really? We just enjoy singing and always do the best we can. Anyway, there was a great little Christmas Fayre beforehand and some of us were able to sort out some last–minute Christmas shopping. So we were delighted to have been invited.
Singing for the Light up a Life ceremony is always special. This year we sang Sleep My Child. It worked well. It rained – which it has every year except one and that year was exceptionally cold. It didn’t deter folk though. It’s really moving as everyone lights their candle from another and then thinks of people who can’t be with us as we sing. The rain was only gentle so the lights held.    
Dunham Massey is special too. Christmas music in a beautiful old house – what could be more Christmassy? We had to be limited in numbers here. However, that is actually good for us sometimes. We have to work a little bit harder and then we bring that extra effort back to the main group. Win, win.
Two final rehearsals 15 December and 22 December and we’re already looking forward to 2016, which promises to be another busy one. We have just one week off this Christmas break.   
We wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our friends, fans and followers.  And to members too, of course.         


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