Thursday 18 May 2023

Back in Spades


We’re back.  This blog is back.

We’ve had two new homes and now rehearse at GoChurch, Media City – so still in Salford, after spending some time at Buile Hill Academy near Buile Hill Park, still Salford. So we’re still very much the Ordsall A Cappella Singers, singing from the heart of Salford.

We’ve won a couple of awards:  

Buxton Festival Fringe Large Ensemble category in 2022

Alderley Edge Festival  Winning the Community Choirs class and coming second in the Mixed Adult Voices class in 2023.

 And we have plans:

Chorlton ArtsFestival 27 May

We Invented The Weekend  4 June   

Summer Concert: 17 June 

Prestwich Carnival24 June  

Buxton 2023 Fringe  22 July  Cake is back - for the second concert at least.   


See more on our web site under Events for details.


Our new home is nice …. And right by a Metrolink stop. Handy as well for all of the caf├ęs, restaurants and bars at Media City. We have a huge space so we can spread out. There are also comfy chairs to sit on during the break. Cakes aren’t quite back on the agenda yet, but we’re working on it. Biscuits, chocolates and a brew are.

We Zoomed our way through the pandemic and what a gift that was.  A bright spot to look forward to weekdays.


Our room in Buile Hill Academy was also huge and the choir is slightly smaller than it was. We’ve learnt to sing louder. Personally I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing last year at Buxton at our first concert in the United Reformed Church. The sound seemed to bounce around the walls and fill the room right up to the high ceiling.  

“Is it my imagination,” I said to Jeff, “or are we singing louder?”

“You’re singing louder.”    

Loud, of course, has to be balanced with quiet and this is a huge feature of our rehearsals, as is taking deep breaths, standing correctly and opening mouths wide, in addition to getting the words and notes right and in the right order. But it is good to be back and to feel that music coursing through your body.   

Care to join us? You’d be very welcome. We don’t bite or audition.