Sunday 31 May 2015

Civic Sunday – singing for the Ceremonial Mayor of Salford 31 May 2015

By 9.30 we are all gathered in St Clements Church Ordsall and Salford Quays. We’re in our home parish and in the place from where we get our name. It’s raining gently outside and it’s cold for May. Yet, as we’re reminded later, “It’s a glorious day, despite the weather.”  
The warm-up goes well and a few folk who have arrived early are appreciative.
At ten on the dot the Mayoral party arrives and enters the church with due ceremony. Peter Dobbs looks splendid in his robes.

Monday 25 May 2015

Singing at St Ninnian’s, Chortlon Arts Festival

A light almost-summer evening at the end of an unpredictable bank holiday Sunday. St Ninnian’s Church is half full already and they keep on coming. Chorlton Arts and probably our own Facebook page have done us proud. By the time we’ve finished our warm-up we have a more than respectable audience. Late-comers have to sneak in the side entrances to the pews.
“We have other appearances coming up. Twice at the Victoria Baths. 6 June and 7 September,” Jeff tells the audience during a break between songs.
“We’re from there!” cry a group of folk half way back on our right. Indeed they are. We recognise our old friends from that lovely building, though today they’re not wearing tier name badges.  
And of course, we mustn’t forget Buxton. 25 July. Details here. We normally have a great day. Why not come and join us?    
We work through our repertoire and bring out in public for the first time Bring Him Home and Viva la Musica! All goes well. Singing in churches seems to suit us and naturally we include Deep River, Joshua and Kum Bah Yah.
An interval gives us a chance to mingle with our audience over tea and biscuits. Tea, cake and biscuits are a hallmark of the Ordsall A Cappella Singers and tonight is not different. We do recognise some family and friends. As well, though, there are some mystery guests. What motivated them to come, we wonder. Will they come again? We hope so.
There is cake, too, backstage, kindly donated to the choir. Thank you so much. You have the measure of us!
Thanks to St Ninnian’s, Chorlton Arts festival, and all choir members for a great evening.