Sunday 17 June 2018

Singing at the Stockport Masonic Guildhall 15 June 2018 with Maelstrom and SK4

Some of us meet an hour early two Tuesdays a month to sing in smaller groups. We always knew that one day we would perform and in fact the small groups have entered a couple of competitions.
This opportunity came suddenly. We first knew about it last Tuesday. We performed on Friday. 

Another group had had to drop out because of unforeseen family circumstances. We were able to rehearse on Tuesday evening and establish what we felt most comfortable doing. We performed just five songs – three before the interval and two after with our hosts SK4  and one of Jeff's other choirs, Maelstrom offering a few more each. 

For many of us it was the first opportunity to hear Maelstrom. We weren't disappointed. They provided that rich sound that we've all come to associate with male voice choirs yet they're a relatively small group: just thirteen members.  

"We need a few more," said Jeff.  "They insist on sixteen for the competition we want to enter."
Follow the link above and have a listen to them. 

SK4 were absolutely amazing. Everything that these four talented, hard-working women did was excellent but their rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody was better, in my opinion, than Queen's original. A fantastic song to end on. 

Except not quite. We all joined together in a final song. We had been taught it in about five minutes just before the concert started. 

"What were those words again?" asked my neighbour.  

I could only shrug.

No matter. As soon as we started they came back. 

It was a lovely evening. The staff at the Masonic Guildhall and our hosts looked after us well. There was the usual raffle with some excellent prizes. Many other singers formed part of our good-sized audience, so they were warm and appreciative.                     

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