Sunday 19 May 2013

Singing for Alan Clague, Ceremonial Mayor of Salford, at Ordsall Hall

We continue to get to sing in some delightful places. Ordsall Hall was always beautiful but after its massive refurbishment, which was completed in 2011, it is truly splendid. The Victorian veneer has been removed and it now looks as it probably did when it was first built. The garden has been restored too and how fabulous that the purple of the flowers in front of the main entrance to the hall match our outfits.  
The very first time I attended a rehearsal was also the first time the group rehearsed in Ordsall Hall. Ah, those were the days, when I used to be an alto and sometimes worried that I’d be the only one. Those days are long gone: today there were seven tenors and goodness knows how many altos and sopranos – though we could do with a few more bases. I remembered those early days as I drove in today.
We are immensely touched and honoured that Cllr. Alan Clague invited us to sing at his ceremony. He’s been attending some of our rehearsals too and that has felt very supportive. As the new Ceremonial Mayor and his parade arrived in the Great Hall we welcomed them with Deep River and Wonderful World. It was so good to sing in that fine acoustic space again. We didn’t see any of the ghosts, though, but they may have been listening. Who knows?    
Later, we sang outside, including:
Kiss the Girl
Nellie the Elephant
How much is that Doggie
Blue Skies
Imagine  - solo by Louisa Park       
The weather was kind to the new Ceremonial Mayor, to his guests and to us. it was good to be able to sit outside in the lovely garden. And we felt a little as if we had come back home. Ordsall Hall is an old and revered friend.                 

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