Sunday 6 September 2015

Ordsall Community Allotment show, 5 September 2015

Salfordian red-brick town-houses, a well-run community café, a pretty garden, the gate opened officially the first time today by the mayor,  some impressive produce and some tidy and productive allotments- what more could one wish for? Sunshine perhaps, and a choir? Yep. We got those.         
Councils in the United Kingdom are supposed to pledge a certain amount of land to people in the borough to use for growing fruit, vegetables and horticultural items. The Shrerber movement in Germany sought to provide fresh air for growing children by creating allotment-type gardens. The allotments also helped to combat malnutrition. Families could grow their own healthy food. This is a really important initiative then in both countries, and the people of Ordsall do it wonderfully.

It was good to be able to do something for Ordsall. After all, we are the Ordsall A Cappella singers.
It’s normally a little difficult singing out of doors. Today it worked, though. We’d had a good warm up session in a room above the café. That probably helped. The audience was small but captive and appreciative. It was easy to engage with them.   
“No need to stand and listen,” said Jeff. “Feel free to talk while we’re singing, if you wish.”
They didn’t. They listened.
We covered some old favourites: Wonderful World, Kiss the Girl, Smile, Love is the Sweetest Thing, Here There and Everywhere / Long Winding Road.    
We were very warmly welcomed. We were offered a lovely lunch, which we enjoyed eating, sitting on the grass beneath the trees. Fresh air again!    
Viva la Musica (yes, that one too) and Viva Ordsall.          

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