Monday 14 September 2015

Flowers on the Table and Singing in the Bath, Victoria Baths, 13 September 2015

Flowers on the table – that’s the key to the kingdom, the children’s rhyme goes. Choir members lurk behind pretty flower arrangements as we sample the delicious lemon drizzle and carrot and ginger cake. We’ve been to this building many times now. We’re still impressed with its beauty. There seems to be a new touch every time. Yes, these flower arrangements are exquisite – each one is a little different. It’s that attention to detail that makes the difference. We sing in front of a huge heart made of tissue and net flowers. We suspect there’s been a wedding here.  

Victoria Baths is a great place for singing. We do two sets and both times we include Viva la Musica. The opening notes echo fabulously. We include some old favourites: Blue Skies, Smile, Love is the Sweetest Thing, Kiss the Girl and Here There and Everywhere / Long Winding Road and two new songs I Will and Lullabye, (Goodnight my Angel). There are also solos by Chairman Chris in Bring Him Home and Anne, Ella and Gwen in Longer.
Our choir has been going ten years and we are now full. “I’m sorry I can’t invite you to come and join us,” says Jeff. “There’s no more room in the place where we rehearse.” We now have actually started a waiting-list. Tenors and basses are more likely to get in earlier, though.                     
Our audience is lovely and we’re delighted to see to young girls dancing in the second set. They certainly pick up the joy that we feel when we sing. This time, as usual, there are people sitting on the upper balcony and standing around the side of the pool, but there are also people sitting on chairs in the bath.
We pay attention to Jeff but also try to remember each other and our audience. We hope we’re looking after the details as well as the people at the Victoria Baths. That’s possibly another key to the kingdom.
What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.       

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