Monday 8 June 2015

Victoria Baths, Sunday 6 June 2015

There’s nothing quite like singing in the bath and that’s what we did again this week. The acoustics in this lovely old building are just brilliant. Especially when you’re in at the deep end of the Males 1st Class. No, I don’t mean our two basses, our two male tenors and Jeff, though they did very well, of course. I mean we sang from inside the Male 1st Class swimming pool – though there was no water in it this time. 

In the deep end - Males 1st Class
It’s especially good when you start off with Viva la Musica! What a fantastic echo. There’s another choir up there on the ceiling, isn’t there, surely? Cheek! Copying us …

We offered much of our usual repertoire, with solos by Christopher Bowles, Bring Him Home, and Anne Flear, Ella Burton and Gwen Sangster, Longer.   
Often when we’ve sung here it’s been a little chilly. This time, though, it was sunny and bright and quite warm. The windows were truly beautiful in this light. This building is so worth visiting. Many people did, in fact. We had a good audience and plenty of people visited the craft fair.
This proved to be a temptation for some of our members too.
“The trouble with shopping is,” said one of the basses, “you keep on seeing things you think you need.” Hopefully, this worked for the people who were selling their carefully crafted goods.           
The café’s great and we enjoy the cake, though this time, a sign of success, we suppose, they ran out!

Relaxing in the

The time went so quickly. Of course it did. We were enjoying ourselves. 
Fun for everyone!

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  1. How very unusual...what a great outing, shame they ran out of cake though!