Thursday 4 June 2015

Dunham Massey on the first evening of summer? 3 June 2015

Would it happen? Would it be too windy? Could enough of us get there? Or get there early enough? Would it be wet? Would we have on audience?  
We got there. Enough of us. On time. And the summer seemed to have come at last. The warm evening brought us an audience.  
On a fine summer evening in June the garden of Dunham Massey is one of the pleasantest places to be. Especially if you’re singing with a bunch of people you know well and with whom you’ve sung before. Especially if the birds join in – or were they competing? And especially if there are a group of really nice people who listen as they enjoy the gardens. 

Some of our lovely altos. A choir in a garden.  

We needn’t have worried about the weather.
“I put in a request on Sunday,” says one of the altos. “He seems to have listened.” Well, we were in church on Sunday. See our previous post.
We sang at the entrance to the garden, in the rose garden, in the round, amongst the flowers and plants, on the lawn near the aromatherapy tent and in a patch of sunlight as the sun went down. I notice today that I caught the sun! 
Near the aromatherapy tent

With sun going down 
All of the songs seemed to go with our surroundings: Blue Skies, Bring Him Home, Wonderful World, Love is the Sweetest Thing, Kiss the Girl (so that we could blow kisses to our lovely listeners?) I Got Rhythm, Here, There and Everywhere / Long Winding Road  and The Way We Were.
A few of us went for a drink before we went home. It was good to take the time to chat for a while. We’re kind of busy at the moment.
Then, we were on our routes home – the fast route, the known route, the unknown route, the eco route, the safe route, the adventurous route and the one that takes you over the toll bridge. As long as we can find our way to the next one.
Next up: Victoria Baths on Sunday.     

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