Thursday 21 December 2023

Final Performance of 2023: Moorside Unit, Trafford General Hospital, 19 December 2023

Can you spot the title of our newest Christmas song in the picture?

It’s all Christmas jumpers, tinsel and fairy lights as we offer our Christmas repertoire of well-known carols, lesser known carols and popular Christmas songs. Some of them with unusual arrangements. We add to the mix a few songs that people might know from our normal repertoire.  

We visited the unit twice in 2022 and were given a very warm welcome. No less so this time. It’s so good to see staff and patients alike joining in the ones they know and moving in time to the ones they’ve not met before.  

We perform twice: once to the older residents and once to the younger folk. We’re stopped after the first song to the second group.

“Is it all right if we make a video?” asks our host. Of course it is.     

Tuesday is our normal rehearsal night.  Why not go to the unit and sing there instead, suggested one of our altos who works there. A very good idea indeed.   

We’re encouraged to practise between rehearsals and everything to make that easy is provided for us in Drop Box.  But as there are no more Christmas performances, we should really now start concentrating on our other repertoire,

Here’s a thing, though. Classic FM is full of Christmas carols and other Christmas songs at the moment. And I’ve even heard there the same arrangement of White Christmas as we use.   

Note to self: find out when Jeff is doing his 2024 Christmas song workshops and get them in the diary early.  

So, all there is to do now this year is, as in our newest Christmas song, to say that we want to wish you a merry Christmas.

And of course a happy new year.

New Year’s resolution = join a choir? We start up again on 2 January 7 pm, at GoChurch, Dallas Court,Media City.               

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