Saturday 5 August 2023

Buxton Fringe Post Script

 Look what we got! 

We were nominated for an award. Four other "large ensembles" were nominated as well.  See full details of all awards and nominations here.

And here is our review. You’ll have to scroll down I’m afraid. But maybe that’s no bad thing; you may be tempted to read some of the other reviews and get a flavour of what the festival is like.

Yes, it’s competitive and yes it is growing, offering around 500 performances this year. Yet everybody supports everyone else and wills competitors to succeed. The reviewers look for the positive.  The town’s people support the event. Many of the shops, cafés and other businesses are happy to display leaflets and posters.

Just look at what was on offer this year. Buxton Fringe 2023.   

Certainly there is a lovely atmosphere as the Fringe event and the main festival take place over three weeks in July.

Will you give it a go in 2024?         

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