Friday 2 June 2023

Chorlton Festival 2023


There’s something about Chorlton. It has a Bohemian feel. Restaurants and bars abound.  It’s a leafy suburb to the south of the city. A group of us gathered in one such establishment opposite the church where we sang. Some decent coffee and cake fortifies you for an hour’s singing. And the drink in a nearby pub afterward is also most welcome.

There is a strong sense of community in this place. It has some fine buildings and it holds a fine festival . yearly in fact, since 2002 with a couple of years off because of the pandemic.  One aim of the festival is to being some of Chorlton’s finest buildings and some fine creative practitioners together.

So we felt privileged on the afternoon of 27 May 2023 to be part of this vibrant festival. Wilbraham St Ninian’s is a pleasant church with nice acoustics. We’ve been there several time before and it was good to be back.

It was lovely to have some of our newer members sing with us for the first time. Congratulations to our soloists, Sally and Victoria.  We sang for an hour. Our songs were vaguely organised into themes: unrequited love, requited love, joy, hope and peace.

“Open the doors and let this stream out to the world,” said Jeff, as we started on Grant Us Peace.

Why We Sing says it all of course. The main event of course is singing together                  

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