Tuesday 17 December 2019

Singing for and with the Friends of Buile Hill Park 15 December

Buile Hill Park has a certain drama but it and looks inviting even on a gloomy, slightly moist and misty Sunday afternoon in December.  Mature trees frame the sweeping lawns and older houses with windows ablaze look on from the street.  

The Pavilion is now even more comfortable and cosy that it was a year ago. Some beautifully crafted hand-made table decorations help to define a very Christmassy atmosphere. 

We are again made welcome with delicious biscuits, mince pies and warm drinks.

Christmas jumpers, fairy lights and warm clothing are de rigour.  

At 2 .00 p.m. exactly we venture out and sing a collection of traditional carols and other songs we have learnt. The promised rain arrives but it is quite gentle. The Friends of Buile Hill Park gather round and we also welcome families and dog-walkers. 

As the rain gets a little harsher audience and choir alike make their way back into the Pavilion where there are more refreshments and songs. We mingle with our audience and encourage everyone to join in. There are sheets with the words available. However, you just cannot do the actions to The Twelve Days of Christmas with a song sheet in your hand. Just watch that soprano over there.  She’s got it!  
There is wonderful rich bass voice behind me. Someone is clearly enjoying the songs.  He knows them very well indeed, even though he’s not a choir member. Alas, I can’t quite see who it is.
This is a delightful occasion as it was last year. We hope we’ll be invited again.

Next up: Christmas markets at 5.30 p.m. today.         

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