Monday 21 May 2018

Concert at St Mary and St Philip Neri, Radcliffe, 13 May 2018

Concert  at St Mary and St Philip Neri, Radcliffe, 13 May 2018


Another afternoon of singing and cake. 

We gather in the car park. It's almost too nice to go inside. 

"I did ask Father if we could roll the roof open but it was no go," says Jeff. 

There are the usual questions: will we get an audience, will there be enough cake, will we sing all right? 

This is such a lovely building to sing in. It's beautiful even when you're standing at the front looking towards where the congregation sits. Hopefully we look fine as well. We're wearing the roses again. 

During the warm-up we try out The Blessing. "Just because the acoustics are so good," says  Jeff. "We won't sing it later."  

It does sound good in that space. It'll be nice when that's firmly in our repertoire. 

Well, there is plenty of cake. In fact a few people are able to take a little selection home yet we don't to take back a huge pile that is left over. So just right in fact. The church is almost full of appreciative people.  We must be singing all right because our audience clap a lot.

Oh yes, and we sing Sway, Everything I Do and Deep River of course. As well as many more.

There is a raffle with many lovely prizes as well.       

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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