Wednesday 30 November 2016

Christmas Markets 2 29 November 2016

This time we are in Brazenose Street. It is the coldest day of the winter so far and warm clothing is more important than uniform. It’s dark, anyway, and no-one will notice the pale fluffy jumper and the dark-grey striped trousers. There are a few fairy lights and purple hats anyway. Our feet and the tips of our fingers freeze but the words and the tunes come out nevertheless. 

We sneak in a few others: Can’t Help Falling in Love, I Will, Here Comes the Sun, and Here, There and Everywhere / Long Winding Road. Well, why not? It’s what we do. 

A group of ladies stop to watch. They are very appreciative and even join in one or two. I wonder whether they’re part of a choir. When they’re not actually singing, they’re moving to the music. 

A man gives us his card.  “I’ve got two chapels,” he says. “I’d love you to come and sing there.” Wow! 

We keep going for the full hour and half with just a ten minute break.
“Last song!” says Jeff before I Will. 

“We ought to finish with a Christmas one,” says an alto. 

“We’ll see.”

Then comes Carol of the Bells, followed by O Little Town of Bethlehem and Once in Royal David’s City. So we do finish full of Christmas spirit. 

All 30+ of us then make our way to a nearby restaurant for the annual meal out. It’s great to warm up again and eat drink in good company. There is much chat and laughter and a few origami Christmas trees….     
But we’re not done yet. There is more:  

Sunday 4 December 12.30 Whitworth Art Gallery Frost Fest Food and Drink
Saturday 10 December 11.45-2.30 Dunham Massey    
Tuesday 13 December 4.00-5.30 Christmas Market St Ann’s Square.                   

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