Thursday 18 December 2014

Last performance of the year – Football Museum with mulled wine and mince pies

What did I say yesterday? We’re more secure now and usually have at least three for each part? Ah. An early start at 5.30, some terrible weather conditions that caused equally terrible traffic and a few sore throats and coughs reduced us to one soprano and two female tenors. At first at least. Then a few more folk arrived and we had a respectable three or four for each part. A certain temporary male tenor who has also been known to sing bass and even soprano was very welcome and kept us in check. Well he has to keep us all in check anyway. That’s his job.  
All in purple and black with added tinsel and hats.
A more select group than usual but we still held out own. We enjoyed ourselves anyway and so it seems did the people who stopped to listen. We were asked to do three sets of 30 minutes over two hours. As we came to the end of the last set, there were cries of:
“Can’t we do Holly Jolly again?”
“Go on, Kiss the Girl.”
Wat’cha Gonna Bring for Christmas?”
And so we did!
We have to give it to the Football Museum. Their mince pies were awesome. The best ever, many of us declared. Naturally, mulled wine is good for the singing voice. Isn’t it?
It’s rather sad to say goodbye to the Christmas songs for another year. Rather sad, too, that we now have two weeks off. We just had to go for a cup of cheer at one of the Christmas market stands. We stood under the flimsy cover chatting for quite a long time, even though the rain continued to pour and even though the mulled wine, speciality beers and hot chocolate were long finished. 
A cup of cheer

Never mind – it’ll soon be 2015 and some new challenges.             

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