Wednesday 10 September 2014

There’s water in the bath!

We enjoyed signing at one of our favourite spots on Sunday: the Victoria Baths in Manchester. Only this time there was an added challenge. The main pool was full of water and dominated by a huge crucifix-shaped stage. We held our breath a little. Only Jeff was allowed on there. Would he remember where he was? Or would he step over the edge and fill in?
Fortunately, he spent most of his time with the basses and only ventured across the water to speak to the audience facing them. 

It was a different acoustic, of course. The water had its effect. We sang under a bit of a shelf and a rather quirky echo came back at us at the end of each song. Never mind. There were a good number of us there and a good balance between the parts.
It was a delight. We’ve had a bit of a hectic summer and then a lull. This was the first one of a new season and with not too much pressure yet about new events. We were able to relax into the music.
Have we ever sung Teddybear’s Picnic that fast before? Was that the best rendition of Deep River yet? Personally I really enjoyed the Here, There, Everywhere / Long Winding Road mix. There was also some nice interaction and eye contact.
We’ve a busy time coming up. This was a nice gentle lead into it.  

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