Thursday 2 June 2016

Another weekend in May, away, at Rydal Hall, Rydal, Ambleside

Sitting in the sun and blinking in the sun- a few words form one of the songs we’re learning and weren’t we just doing that at Rydal Hall last weekend.
Blinking in the sun 

Some of us managed to get there early enough to enjoy the gardens and the four o’clock tea and tray bake. Others had to contend with usual Friday night traffic, a closed A591 and actually being able to get away from work.

The view form the terrace - some of us also had this view from our rooms

Everyone got there safely eventually. Supper was a flexible feast. And there was singing in the lovely entrance hall, and then later in the bar. 

We were lucky with the weather so as well as singing there was walking and talking and getting to know each other better. At least one of us went down the rabbit hole to Wonderland. Yes, there was a performance of this story in the gardens and anyway there is also a sculpture trail there all about Alice.  

The White Rabbit was very late.  
We were well looked after at Rydal Hall. The food was good and nicely presented. The cake, especially the cheesecake, was divine. Cake, is of course, always important to us. The staff were friendly and helpful.
Straight after breakfast on Saturday we got to it. 

The starter for Sunday lunch 

The 9.45 start turned into a 9.30 one. A day and a half of singing followed. Fifteen songs, no less. My, our sight reading improved. Some pieces were a little familiar, others completely new. There was a lot of Bahs (not just form the sheep, though they made enough noise) Tums, (no problems with the food)  and Yips (no, no-one had brought their dog along – that would be the sopranos!) A lot of lovely pieces.   
Music and more music
Saturday evening there was more singing in the entrance hall. We tried out some of the new material but also went through some of our normal repertoire. We had no audience. We just sang to each other. That was kind of nice.  

We did the same thing again on Sunday morning outside for twenty minutes or so. This was a real highlight. What could be nicer than singing in the summer sunshine in this beautiful spot?  The sheep didn’t seem to mind. Neither did the tourists.

Singing in the sun
These weekends away are always a success. Our confidence grows. Friendships deepen. Ideas emerge. We’ve done a few now but this has to be one of the best venues.    

It was all over too soon.

But guess what – we’re coming again next year!                

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