Wednesday 12 July 2017

Victoria Baths 9 July 2017

Our busy weekend continues. And we're at another old favourite. The Victoria Baths always come up with something new and there's always some clear evidence that the renovations are going ahead. Were those signs there last time? We're pleased to see this lovely old building surviving. 

This time it's a food festival.

Some of us eat pizza in a little court yard we didn't know about before. It's good pizza and it only takes four minutes to cook in the super oven. This doesn't feel quite like Manchester. Are we in Italy or somewhere? The weather deceives us but the red brick reminds us that yes, we're definitely in Manchester. But is Rainy City an urban myth? 

We sing twice. We get a request to do One Day Like This again. Of course we will.
We're astonished and delighted to see how many people come to listen both times.

"So, I'm going to stop talking and we're going to sing some more," says Jeff. Notice the  "we"- because he does have to start talking again to explain that we're "all mixed up", not standing in our parts and he is no longer at the front conducting.

It's always good to sing in the bath. We love coming here. And we'll be here again on 10 September.     

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