Monday, 17 July 2017

Buxton Fringe 15 July 2017

Yes we're here again. It's a little cool first thing and the jingle-jangle of the Morris dancers as we eat breakfast and later lunch remind us that both the main festival and the fringe keep on growing. Now several members are staying overnight in order to enjoy other performances.  

"Oh yes, Buxton is busy in July," one of the residents claims. We learn that people are coming from all over. Earlier in the month a couple of us came and distributed leaflets. All the local businesses are so friendly and helpful. They're all willing to take a few flyers. It was a good day to be there, in fact. We were able to see some of the well dressings and the pump room was open. Bonuses for sure! 

The day warms up, so do our voices and so do our lovely audiences. You can read a full review here. Do take a look. You'll need to scroll down but the other reviews are interesting, too. We feel privileged to be reviewed by Keith Savage who is the chair of the Fringe Festival. It's very clear that he knows what we're all about. All of the Fringe's reviewers are friendly, generous and constructive in their reviews anyway and we've met many of them over the years. 

We get those double basses tuned for I Say a Little Prayer, Amanda sings the solo in Somewhere Out There beautifully, and Fix You, One Day Like This and In Remembrance are each responsible for a few tears. 

"Which is your favourite?" asks one lady. 

"Difficult to say. I think I tend to like them all once I know them and can really perform them. Which did you enjoy the most?"

"Also difficult to say. I enjoyed them all. Even when we had to sing."  
Ah. There you are, you see.
The United Reformed Church and St Mary's in Buxton now feel like home. Our audiences are a mixture of old friends and new faces.

And what of the cake?

"Who made the white rocky road?"

"You should try the chocolate one – it's triple chocolate."

"Boiled fruit cake? Boiled fruit cake? How does that work? My, it works." 

At least two members admit to eating a lot of cake and yet there is plenty for all of our guests. There is definitely something about A Cappella and cake. Which is probably why we do it, after all.      

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