Wednesday 12 July 2017

Swinton Grove Family Fun Day 8 July 2017

There's always a great feeling of anticipation when we arrive for this event. People are setting up stalls. There are as ever some old favourites and something new as well.

"Look, the birds of prey are here again."

"I wonder whether they'll perform like they did last year." 

The ElizabethGaskill House opens its back gate. They provide an excellent tea room. Certainly worth a visit whilst you're here.
The Fun Day starts at 12.00 and we're part of the opening ceremony. It's pleasantly warm and most people sit in the shade whilst we wait. Yes, it's certainly looking like it's going to be a beautiful day. 

Naturally we sing One Day Like This, followed by a few other songs that are firmly in our repertoire. As we sing we can smell the food cooking. There's always a good lunch provided at this event.

It's a lovely, lovely occasion as ever.

Ice cream features largely for many of us.

Swinton Grove is grand on a warm Saturday in July. We hope we'll be invited again.

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