Sunday, 21 July 2019

Buxton Fringe 20 July 2019

We do cake!
The Fringe is alive and vibrant as ever despite the early morning rain. My sat nav brings me  via a crazy route and gets me there twenty minutes early. In time, in fact, to see the East Kent Morris Dancers cross the road in front of the United Reformed Church. Ooh.  Are they going to dance outside the church? Will it be a problem?  Of course it won’t.  We have rhythm and music as well.   

It’s still raining as folk begin to arrive, some anxious that there may not be any tickets left and others clutching the print outs of their advance booking. Meanwhile inside our gang is busy setting out teacups and the cakes, and, of course, rehearsing. 

“Don’t worry,” I say to those assembled in the lobby. “There’s room for all.”   
Our reviewer attends this first concert. You can read the full review here.  (You’ll need to scroll down).

We sing for an hour, an hour which just flies by. There are some songs they’ve heard before and plenty of new ones as well. Jeff puts us through our paces with The Water is Wide, The Blessing, Cool Moon, Poor Wayfaring Stranger, Over the Rainbow, I Say a Little Prayer, Somewhere Out There, I Got Rhythm, One Day Like This, Fix You, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Everything I Do, I Do it for You, Kiss the Girl and Here Comes the Sun. Amanda and Helen are our soloists.

Then the elves get busy again. There are cakes and tea aplenty. We also treat (well we enjoy it anyway) our audience to Sway as they eat and drink.  

The Fringe moves on. Minutes after we’ve cleared up another group arrives with a harpsichord and I exchange notes with their organiser about the fun that is the Buxton Fringe. As we stroll around in the now reasonably sunny Buxton we come across all kinds of interesting performances. 

Soon it is time to make our way to St Mary’s where we enjoy a very warm welcome. The tables are set up ready for the cake and the water is boiling. It’s a lovely place to sing and we recognise some regulars in the audience. 

Again the hour passes very quickly and soon we’re into cake and tea again. “I must help you to clear up this cake,” says one of our fans, taking another slice.

Our audiences are lovely and it’s always great to chat to them after our performance. We’ve also had, as ever, enthusiastic support from local businesses and organisations  who’ve taken and displayed our leaflets. 

Some of us go on to eat at the Tap House. Well it’s a brewery outlet and so it is noisy but the food is fine and the beer pretty good as is the company, of course. The staff are friendly, and hardworking.  
And outside the East Kent Morris Dancers are performing.      


Wednesday, 9 January 2019

News January 2019

Happy New year to all of our members, fans and followers.
2018 was quite a year:
Take a look at our blog and Facebook page to get a flavour of it all.  
We had a very full house at our first rehearsal of the year yesterday and wasn’t it good to get back together and sing after a two week break.    
Before the rehearsal our committee met and 2019 is already filling up. Here are some firm dates:
3 March the MACC  The Manchester Amateur Choral Competition. Read more about it here.   The general  public can purchase tickets and if you enjoy listening to choirs this is a real treat. A whole day of it for a very reasonable price.  And we’d love to see your friendly face in the audience.  

29-31 March  Rome Yes, some of us are off to Rome. One of our members has contact with a choir there and so we’re delighted to be working with the Coro della Colina. Extra rehearsals for some of us now!

15 June Chorlton Choirs festival We’ll again be taking part in this festival. It is a relaxed, quite informal occasion and was really good fun last year. It is open to a public audience. Details to follow.

6 July  We’re off to the Llangollen Eisteddfod for the whole day. We’re not competing but we’re performing. This is a public-facing event. If you happen to be there that day, look out for us.

13 July Swinton Grove Family Fun Day. We’ll be there right at the beginning, helping to open the event.  We’ve attended this event many times before and it’s lovely.  Good food including excellent ice cream on offer.  If you come along, you may be able to combine it with a visit to the Gaskell House.     

20 July Buxton Fringe Festival  Again we offer two concerts: 11.00 a.m. at the United Reformed Church and 3.00 p.m. at St Mary’s. Tickets are already on sale. More details here.  This is one of our A Cappella and cake events so you’ll also be able to enjoy some delicious snacks. The Buxton Fringe anyway is full of delightful entertainment.  Take a look at their brochure.  Items are being added constantly.   

Some of our events are still under discussion and awaiting confirmation.  These include charity concerts, community events, workshops and no doubt plenty of Christmas activity in December and late November.  Watch this space.