Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Getting ready for the MACC

Photo from  MACC 2018 

Our first rehearsal after the Christmas break ends with a flash of lightening and a clap of thunder, almost simultaneous, and just after Jeff  has said, "I've worked you hard, haven't I?"  Yes, you have Jeff.

When we get out to the car park the ground and our cars are covered in snow. We slip and slide our way home. Some of our members who live far north of the city have not made it to rehearsal. I don't blame them. I hate travelling in the snow.  
Yesterday it tries to snow all day. It finally manages to do it properly at about 3.00 p.m. Oh dear. Great big flakes and it's now settling on the road. Then suddenly at 3.45 it stops and the sun comes out. We all get there and our rehearsal room is packed. 

"Don't get stressed because we're doing some parts over and over," says Jeff. 

"That will lose you five points," he says later.  

He points out what was wrong. We go through the song again. 

"Better. You've gone up five points." 

We find the positions where we're going to sing in in the competition.

"Here," I call to another female tenor. 

"That's fine," she says later, "but we're right in front of Jeff." 

I like that though: you can see what he wants you to do and you get instant feedback on what you're doing. "But that's good," I say.     

Yes, I know the words and the tune, and I can see the sheet music in my mind. But are my hands in the right place? Is my mouth the right shape? Are those vowel sounds good?  Will I be able to engage with the audience? Have I taken a deep enough breath?

Oh heck. You don't half have to multi-task when you belong to a choir. 

They've predicted snow for Sunday.  Get off. With that many people singing, snow doesn't stand a chance. 

We're a tad nervous but mainly excited. It's going to be great meeting all of those other choirs at both the concert on Saturday evening and the competition on Sunday.     

See you there?      

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