Monday 27 February 2017

The MACC and In Concert 25 / 26 February

It’s been a busy but beautiful weekend. First we had the Saturday evening concert at St Peter’s House, just a few metres up the road from the RNCM where the main event would happen.       

What a privilege it was to listen to Volya Ukranian Male Voice Choir, who incidentally were placed in the competition the next day, and Men2Sing, another great male voice choir. 
Volya Ukranian Male Voice Choir - with red boots

Men2Sing watched by members of Ordsall A Cappella Singers  

  “There’s some bass and tenor envy in the room tonight,” said Jeff. Yes, he was right. That   said though, all of the parts held their own both in this pre-competition event and the competition itself. We had to. We sang spread out and not in our groups. It’s a bit scary to begin with, but my, aren’t you forced to take responsibility? I personally ended up loving it. 

The MACC is always a great day.  We were fortunate in being one of the first choirs to sing. I guess that’s partly because we’re fairly local. It did mean that we could then relax and watch some great performances and listen to some fabulous singing. 

Excitement building 

The costumes, too, are always, fascinating. We have our delicate purple flowers, there were the vibrant red dresses, rainbow coloured jackets, gold bands, yellow ties, smart suit jackets, touches of red and many, many other stunning looks. And talking of rainbows, winning choir Rainbow Connection were spectacular in that way too. Their red and white blankets intrigued everyone. 

Of course, not only do we have bass and tenor envy, as far as Volya are concerned, we also have boot envy. Their red boots are glorious. 

Well, we didn’t win and we weren’t placed in the first three. However, one of the judges admitted to having a thrill run down his spine as we sang. Two of them beamed at us during the performance. In the summing up at the end, we were surely included among the choirs “who improve year on year.”
It’s always a lovely way to spend a Sunday. 

And our next competition is …. next Saturday. Bring it on.                           


  1. Every concert is gained experience and in the words of a well known pop song "Things can only get better" Even though you didn't win, you can be proud and happy in the knowledge that you brought joy to others, simply by taking part. Well done!

  2. Thank you so much. I think you've summarized very well exactly what we thought.