Friday, 10 June 2016

Victoria Baths 5 June 2016

The summer has come. The sun shines even in Rainy City. Bright light casts teasing patterns on the smooth surfaces. A few open windows and the beautiful old tiles keep us cool. 

We always like signing here. The acoustics are kind. We come twice a year to sing in the bath. Just how much can we make Viva la Musica jump around?
This time there are chairs in the pool area and they are almost all taken both times we perform. People also listen from the balconies, from the edge of the pool and from the back of the basin. Several people approach us between performances and tell us that they’ve  enjoyed listening to us. Well, we aim to please.  It’s nice to know we’re succeeding some of the time at least.
We now have a visitors’ book. We invite our audience to comment and also to sign up for our newsletter. Here are some of the comments we get this time:
“Thank you, great.”
“Thank you – very harmonious.”
“Sent shivers up my arm – in a good way.”  
We’ve now more or less brought I know him so well into our repertoire. Royals is becoming more solid. For the first time we perform a special arrangement of Somewhere over the Rainbow. We include, of course, a lot of our normal repertoire. It’s well received and as ever we have a ball.
We’re never quite sure exactly how many performers we’ll have. We won’t agree to a performance unless we know we have enough in each part but then sometimes life happens – illness, traffic, family problems … and it can become a little skewed. This time we have just one bass, and for once more tenors than altos. We have to work with that and it is up to everyone present to adjust accordingly.   
Of course, we  are also able to enjoy another passion of ours. We eat cake. The cake at the Victoria Baths is lovely. And so is their chocolate shortbread.
We look forward to returning many times in the future.        

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