Sunday, 26 July 2015

Fifth time at Buxton Fringe, 25 July 2015

You’ve done all the things you said you would. You’ve thought of everything that needs to be thought about. Or have you? What have you forgotten? Go through the checklist. No, all’s done. And some.
It’s inevitable that a few have to cancel at the last minute but we’ve still a balanced choir. Our MD is there and he’s had a good breakfast so is raring to go. We’ve had a short run through and it went well. It’s 10.40 and concert number one at the United Reformed Church begins at 11.00. All we need is an audience. We have built it. Will they come?

St Mary's, 3. 00. p.m 25 July 2015 
They came! Our first venue, the United Reform Church, was about two thirds full. If we get half this many this afternoon, we thought, at St Mary’s we’ll be happy. St Mary’s was pretty full, in fact, and the next problem might have been would there be enough cake? Some deft halving of slices meant that we actually had a little left over in the end. There was a bit of a miracle with the milk. We bought twice what we use on a Tuesday evening at rehearsal. But we have a choir and an audience to refresh twice. Okay, we didn’t have all 45 members there but we did have the biggest audiences we’ve ever had at Buxton. We kept our fingers crossed. The milk lasted. In fact we had about half a pint left over …?!
As always the people at both of our church venues were really helpful.
And well done to the Buxton Fringe. 2015 was even more exciting than ever. A big thank you to all those people who work to make it happen – and they’re all volunteers. Each venue this year was clearly marked with orange balloons and a sign. The little tour bus was an inspiration and we’re quite certain it boosted our afternoon audience. The driver points out the venues and what’s happening there that day. Plus a mini-group of us got to busk in front of the Opera House as we’d engaged with bus. 

At the Opera House

 “That’ll probably do,” said Jeff, after a few numbers.
“Oh, can we do one more?” said Wendy. “My brother and his partner are over there.”
Carol and John arrived just as we finished. So, we had to do one more one more. The people sitting outside the pub on the square were very appreciative and we think that also helped to swell our audience.  
We were pleased with our audiences and our concerts. It’s always good to sing in a church – especially when we start with Viva la Musica. There was some brave audience participation too. We had fabulous solos from Sue (Bring Him Home) and from Anne, Mel and Sue (again!) for Longer.  

Audience participation

Kiss the Girl 
If at the beginning of the day a few of us had that thought “Why do we do this?” by the end of it we knew the answer. And we also know that we’ll most certainly do it again.    

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