Thursday, 12 December 2013

At The Lowry

There was a bit of a purple theme when we sang at The Lowry on Tuesday 10 December. Some of us wore purple tinsel, others wore purple hats and the collection bucket provided by The Lowry was also quite conveniently purple. The Appeal this year is about helping to build a bright future for young parents and their children in Salford. Read more here.
It is so good to see this successful theatre helping local people and as we are a community choir, and what is more, associated with Ordsall, right on the theatre’s doorstep, this seemed so appropriate. We were pleased that the collecting bucket rattled healthily by the end of our performance.
It was good to meet again to sing and we spent a good twenty minutes warming up in the North Room at the theatre. Then we moved out into the foyer. It’s not the easiest place to sing in – wide open and quite noisy – especially when there is a big show on. And there is a big show on – War Horse, based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo is huge.
We started to sing, concentrating on doing our very best. People stopped to listen – right in front of us on the ground floor and on the various balconies. We presented some old favourites: Deep River, The Way We Were and Kiss the Girl. Goodnight My Someone got another airing and we’re gaining confidence with this. Enough of us know the Christmas songs well enough to enjoy singing them. Carol of the Bells seemed to suit this venue well.
But then it was show time and we had to end our performance. Some of us lingered, tidying away our leaflets, banners and purple accessories. And then we managed to get a glimpse of what was happening on stage via the screen in the foyer. It looks like a really good show.
Weren’t we lucky to be able to sing to its audience as it arrived?

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