Monday, 6 May 2013

At the Victoria Baths 5 May 2013

Yes, we’ve been doing it again. We’ve been singing in the bath. We’ve now performed at this beautiful old building half a dozen or so times. We always sing in one of the old pools. They are fortunately devoid of water but full of good acoustics. What shall we do if they ever put the water back?
The Victoria Baths is another place worthy of a visit for the Manchester tourist. It was opened in 1906 and is still splendid with its many period decorative features:- stained glass, terracotta tiles and mosaic floors. It is currently undergoing extensive restoration and each time we visit we see small improvements. There was a little sun yesterday and it brought out the best in the leaded windows and skylights.
About two thirds of our members were there yesterday and we had a good balance of the four parts. We aired some current repertoire and again started with Dance in the Street. That worked so well in this space. Nellie the Elephant was trundled out. That’s usually popular with the little ones though the adults seemed to enjoy it this time too. We performed The Long and Winding Road for the first time in public. It’s a lovely song, anyway, and this particular arrangement suits our voices. Gwen Sangster took the solo parts in Longer. We also resurrected an old favourite – Joshua – the one where we do the scary eyes.
We did two slots and it was good in the break to look at some of the exhibits. This included the information about the restoration of the Gaskell House, another brave project and we hope that once it’s finished we may get to sing there also.
We almost lost our musical director, Jeff Borradaile, though. He’d managed to get locked into our practice room where he’d taken a nap. Jeff was completely unfazed, of course. We just thought we might have to sing in the corridor. However, someone came with a key.     
Sampling the cake was also an activity during the break. Cake is always important to the Ordsall Acappella Singers and the Victoria Baths’ ones are to be recommended, as is their tomato and basil soup.
Thanks to the Victoria Baths for having us and to their lovely visitors who were so appreciative.                           

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